Hazel’s Needlework kaboodles Latch Hook Holly Wreath NK-40008


Brand new factory sealed Holiday-Wall Decoration. Box has some wear from being in storage.

Completed size approximately: 15″ diameter

100% Acrylic Yarn
Printed 100% Cotton Canvas
100% Polyester Backing Material
Sewing Needle
Needle Threader
Sewing Thread
Complete Easy-to-Follow Instructions

Not Included:
Latch Hook

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Boye Round Loom Set 6pc


These can be used to make hats, booties, scarves and so much more! Brand new item with just some wear and tear to the box.


4 Looms

1 Hook

1 Needle


Loom Size

5_1/2″ (14cm)

7_1/2″ (19cm)

9_1/2″ (24cm)

11_1/2″ (29cm)

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Feb. 1, 2016

What a year 2015 was and now it is already a month into 2016 and so far it has been a great start to the year.

So I decided to start my own website mjresales.com and see if I can make that work. Here’s to hoping 🙂


I have been busy with making wash/dish cloths, drink coasters and pot holder sets. There will be more to come but this is just a start so far.

Thursday August 13

Well again I keep forgetting to update the blog sorry been really busy and here is the run down of everything that has happened.

Our landlord had a stroke back in October of last year so we have been running him to his doctor appointments. Everything was going fine until Last month (July). He got really sick and was in the VA hospital and then a couple days later he went into Hospice. After he went into Hospice he passed a way. He was a fantastic and sweet man and he will be missed.

After that we inherited the house and it has come down to the warehouse working on the house, and the office (me) working on the business getting photos taken and items listed. Wh8ch has been a slow process.

Well that is all we have been doing so now we need to buckle down and get to work.

Happy April!

It has been awhile since I have been on here and I do apologize for that. Between getting a toothpick stuck in my foot and just now having surgery to have it removed and going to a funeral last month, it has been a really busy 2 month. I have a lot of new inventory that I will be listing shortly between eBay and Etsy from  Beachbody workouts to cross stitch floss and everything in between.

So I am going to get off of here and go take pics and right down descriptions so I can get the items listed. I hope everyone has a great Thursday!